Project Description

The project ‚Differentiation in Inquiry-based Learning (focus experimentation)’ is a funded project of the Erasmus+ program. The acronym of the project is DifferentiatInq [Differentiation in Inquiry-based Learning]. The project has started on the 1st of September 2019 and will conclude on the 31st August 2022.
The project aims to develop differentiating in the development of procedural competencies for inquiry-based learning, with a focus on experimentation.


Relevance of Project Idea

The use of mixed learning groups in pedagogy has repeatedly been shown to have great potentials of benefitting the learning experience. In principle, the diversity of a learning group can be arise in a multitude of ways such as mixing, changes in the school systems (comprehensive and community schools), pupils with varying language skills (migration) and offering inclusive education in such a group. Whilst beneficial, all these changes have increased the need for differential (internal differentiation) and corresponding training for teachers.

Moreover, school education must include basic education in natural sciences, where scientific methods of knowledge, such as experimentation, are also given great importance.

Whilst there are already many differentiation concepts and practical examples for learning content-related competencies, these are lacking for procedural competencies – especially in the field of scientific experimentation.



  1. Development of a differentiation concept for inquiry-based learning with a focus on experimentation (for lower secondary schools).
  2.  Development of a manual on the differentiation concept for the target group of teachers and teacher students. The book (manual) will be produced in both a digital form as well as a print medium. It will be available in German, Greek, Finnish and English. In addition to the manual, exemplary teaching materials will be produced. [Intellectual Output 1]
  3. Conception of further training for teachers and seminars to teach the differentiation concept (transfer to school practice). [Intellectual Output 2]


Project Progression